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Our Mission

To partner with our clients to support their nutritional needs, using an integrative approach, that will empower them to continue their own healing journey.

Our Approach

Your Health Story

To best support you, and your unique needs, we must hear your story. There are several ways we gain a better understanding of your health journey that allow for us to best understand you, and consider what recommendations are best suited for YOU

Together we Plan

As your nutritionist, and health guide, my goal is to support you along your health journey. With the tools provided during the Initial Consultation we will devise a plan together that is suitable for your health goals.

Continuing to Flourish

My goal as your nutritionist is to help you feel your best with the recommendations we implement during our initial consultation. We know that these changes can be challenging, and so many life circumstances can get in the way. With this we want to maintain continued communication to ensure we assist you with any snags that may interfere with your healing journey.
Clinical Nutritionist - MS, CNS, AFMCP

Angie Trotter

"Each of us are unique, and our approach to health must be personalized as well"

Certified Nutritional Coach - MS, CNS, AFMCP

Top 3 Reasons why Rooted Functional Nutrition

1) Focused and personalized approach to addressing both nutritional needs, and underlying imbalances contributing to symptom expression.
2) Extensive, and ongoing education in the field of integrative and functional nutrition to best serve the unique needs of each client.
3) As your guide, our goal is to come alongside you, to provide the tools necessary for healing, through understanding and compassion.

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Gut imbalances are not only frustrating and inconvenient, but imbalances within the gut can create systemic symptoms. Learn more about where your gut health is by taking our Basic Gut Quiz.

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Women experience various hormonal transitions throughout their life, from menstruation - to post-menopause. Maintaining harmony through these transitions can ease the uncomfortable symptoms that can ensue when imbalance is present. Take our Basic Women's Hormone Quiz today to learn more.

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Women experience various hormonal transitions throughout their life, from menstruation - to post-menopause. Maintaining harmony through these transitions can ease the uncomfortable symptoms that can ensue when imbalance is present. Take our Basic Women's Hormone Quiz today to learn more.

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Trick-Or-Treat Guide

It’s that time of year again, and it can put us parents into a bit of a dilemma. Halloween is a time for children to partake in all the fun that comes along with Halloween festivities, which we know involves lots of candies.

Breast Cancer & Clinical Nutrition

We have all met someone, or know someone close to us who has had a battle with breast cancer. 1 in 8women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime, and we are still seeing the rates of breast cancer climbing for women in the U.S.

Why a Clinical Nutritionist?

Clinical Nutritionists most often hold a Master’s degree in the field of nutrition, have obtained hours within a supervised internship program, and have passed intense national certifying board exams to hold a certification in the field of clinical nutrition.

The Pervasiveness of Stress

Each of us has a unique response to stress since we all have a different perception of what factors are considered stressful to us. What is stressful for one, will not be stressful for another – we all have a unique experience and physiological make-up.

Dysbiosis? Say what?

These microbes play a role in balancing and regulating the immune function, allow for the prevention of harmful organisms to overgrow and the ability to regulate bowel motility.

I just met Angie today and I found her to be very knowledgeable, empathic and caring. As somebody who has seen multiple functional medicine providers in the past, I can honestly say she has been the best one so far regarding bedside manners, thorough explanations and, evidence informed yet individualized recommendations. She truly listens well and is willing to go at a client's pace, which I really appreciated. Thanks Angie! I look forward to continuing to work with you!

"I have been working with Angie for a few months and I am so happy with the results. I thought my digestive issues were just the way it was since my family history is full of these issues. I was so surprised when the very next day I saw an amazing difference. Angie has been so helpful and responsive as we work together toward a better way of life for me. I am 78 years old. Wish I knew this was possible much earlier, but better late than never. Angie is the best!"  To your health

Had my consultation with Angie. She is super responsive to emails, which is great when your medical history is complicated. I appreciated her taking time to explain some of the science behind things instead of just giving me her recommendations. I was nervous for my first appointment with her but she's very kind and approachable, and I look forward to working with her more on my health.

I am so impressed with the time and personal touch that I have received. Angie was able to treat symptoms that my general practitioner ignored. I am feeling so much better in a short amount of time.  thank you so much, Angie!

I have been working with Angie over the past year, she has been a tremendous help to me and my health. A year ago, I had not been feeling myself, she has helped by creating a plan in which I saw results from right away. The food plan she recommended gave me the nutrition my body needed. She was also helpful with recommending certain vitamins to take. Angie is very responsive to requests, she takes her time to go over your medical history and explains why you may be experiencing some of the symptoms you are having. Now that I am feeling much better, I went back to Angie to help me with a meal plan to help me lose weight. She has been a very big help to me and I appreciate her and her services!

My journey in finding a health professional has been discouraging to say the least...I couldn't be more grateful for discovering Rooted Functional Nutrition. The head practitioner, Angie sets the bar for what the client practitioner relationship should be. Angie's prompt and delivers information in a way that's understandable and applicable. In just a short period Angie and I have made strides in my health goals and concerns. Being a real world client you need real world recommendations and I'm happy to know I've found a practice that has my best interest and I can trust.

If I could give Angie 10 stars I would. I interviewed a few practitioners prior to working with Angie and no one came close to her passion, knowledgeable, empathic nature and thoroughness. Angie helped me identify my root cause and put me on the path to healing. She fit all the pieces to the puzzle!! She is very caring and sooo smart!!! She has been a God sent. For this reason, I am also utilizing her services to help my Dad with his GI issues.. I know we will get nothing less than the best.

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